Process Plaza

Download ready-to-use process models

Our ready-to-use process models will help you get started with Business Process Management in no time at all! The process models are categorised by industry and theme-specific processes and have been developed in collaboration with our certified partners and customers.
They are available for download in the Sensus BPM software application and can be fully customized to your organisation’s requirements.


  • Start using BPM immediately: process models are ready for you to use
  • Industry and theme-specific: choose your favourite processes from our extensive range
  • Basis for process modeling: Sensus Process Management has developed a fixed format comprising eight process elements which are used to demarcate processes correctly

“Sharing process knowledge remains time to focus more on innovation and improvement”

Hans Haack | Director Sensus Process Management


Process Plaza is an international knowledge platform created by Sensus Process Management on which visitors can download ready-to-use process models! The process models we share with you span an extensive selection of theme and industry-specific processes. They provide an example of how a particular process could be structured within your organisation. Our extensive range allows you to get started with Business Process Management more quickly.

The theme-specific processes are marked with a red banner on the process models page. The industry-specific processes are marked with a green banner on the process models page .


Process Plaza is an initiative of Sensus Process Management. The platform was created with the idea of sharing knowledge. Why would you keep all that knowledge for yourself, if you can help other parties? With this approach Sensus Process Management is still looking for content providers! Do you have interesting process that you want to share? Please contact us so we can go through the possibilities together.